Tiffrenee07 Finds Masterplans Take Longer Than Planned

Back in August, Tiffrenee07 told all on the EA forum about her intentions to vamp up her game with a few pills and potions – or at least the potions.


Four months later, and she’s no further forward!


The Elixir for a fairy? Isn’t it blended whisky, Baileys, Chambord and Zima?

(You’ll either get this one or you won’t!)

evilgrin  evilgrin

Whilst MoonAndStars83 proffered the ‘if all else fails’ option, IreneSwift and Karritz preferred those perhaps more honourable to your Simmies (and Simmers) to make them work for their elixirs:


Tiffrenee07 was able to make progress, and make us giggle with one of those statements that could only make sense in the Simming world:


‘I had my witch Sim use the conversion ritual on a lot of fish and she finally got the fairy damsel.’

slaplol  yewot

SimKeats advised getting back to further education for some longer term solutions to, erm, producing solutions, whilst IreneSwift showed there’s still some more base game ways amongst others for Tiffrenee07 to get what she wanted.


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