SimSecret’s Nightmare Before Christmas

Well done to the freaking genius who did this to the bumnuggets!


slaplol  bravo

In a week when they could only muster seventeen piece of prospective anonymous nastiness, four of them turned out to be a medley of panegyrics for the one and only MedleyMisty. Let the meltdown commence!

Mind you, it just about says it all that the little shits that inhabit it will be more upset about the above than they will about the final utterly distasteful (and bizarre) secret that was posted:


Yes, making Simmies of child murder victims (and one involved at that in those ghastly paedophiliac ‘child beauty contests’ that only Americans could possibly think are remotely appropriate!) – how tasteful.

Then again, it was a user of the Glitterturd that was responsible, so perhaps no real surprise – anyone buying that crap clearly has no barrel too low to scrape!

whistling mares nest version  whistling mares nest version

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