Simetriasims Adds A N-ice Little Rinky Tinky Tinky To Your Christmas Simming

Genius! A working ice rink in time for the festivities.


Hungary’s Simetria Sims are one of the few sites that deals with all versions of the Sims series (even Medieval!), and DeeDee, Lexy, Nita and Sookie been making all manner of cute bits and bobs – but Sookie from the team has really outdone herself this time, enough to make a dog wag both its tails (it’s a Hungarian thing, you know!):

You must have the following expansions for it all to work: World Adventures, Ambitions, Supernatural, Late Night, Pets, Generations and Seasons – and the Outdoor Living Stuff pack.

You will need only three items of custom content, all from The Sims Resource (two from the wonderful Cyclone Sue) and none of them essential (you can replace and customise with items you already have – as you will anyway!)

Well, what are you waiting for – get your skates on!

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