ATS Sandy Released THE Most Useful Christmas Gift To All Simming Kind

We have to admit, she won it this year – if not the decade – with this one:


Quality Street tins for Christmas – vintage and modern style! Too much awesomesauceness!

Look, its a British thing, you bloody Americans wouldn’t understand it, and it serves you jolly well right for being foreign in the first place!

Yes, yes, yes, Sandy’s French, but that makes her less foreign than you lot, being all part of the European Union and all that.

Yes, yes, yes, it actually makes her more foreign than you lot considering we voted to leave it last summer, but they’ll be out of it too anyway if the polls are correct and they decide to Trump your lunacy by voting in ‘Auntie Marine’ come April (and come to think of it, will be out of the UN and just about everything else!) – so meh!

And they speak better English that you lot do, another plus point.

Yes, yes, yes, they speak better English that most of those in Britain do anyway…

… look just download the bloody thing and enjoy!

♫ All the fun of the shaaaaaare!

(Cue Rflong7/13 reminising when the tins were at least ten times the size they are now and a full tin lasted until Easter…)

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