2016: The Best Of Years, The Worst Of Years

This time, we’ll let you guys speak for yourselves.

Take it away Simpkin and DeKay:


For Movotti, we hope things do get better for you:


For Dreamerz13…


Just this:

virtual hug mare's nest version

For MelanieSimlish, we’d like to say something hopeful, but your view of human nature over the course of this last year has become as bleak as our own:


For SillyAngel0906 and Donna6155, a reminder to us all that things could always be worse.


Yes, but that’s exactly what frightens us. They could


But as Odonata68 reminds us from her own experiences, there are many dark hours before the dawn – and as we appear to have been in a permanent recession since the credit crunch and the only certainty has been uncertainly for our futures, maybe like Writin_Reg and everyone else that’s gone through years of hell on earth, 2017 will be the year when things at least start to look a little brighter for most of us.


candle  candle

See you all in 2017.

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