Thank You But No Thank You, Noir And Dark Sims

Now before we go any further, we’re the last people to jump on the whole damn ‘everyday sexism/misogyny bandwagon’.

That’s one thing we and Aarin agreed completely on that the gaming world has much bigger problems to face.

In fact, we both had a good giggle when the new Skyrim Special Edition came out and the first of the reworked mods (the ones for the old version don’t work, or so we’re told) was the likes of this:


Those of you familiar with Skyrim will know that for some strange reason Hroki is regarded as the one of the ‘hottest’ of the females using one of the small number of generic female body types used by many others in the game. Perhaps it should come therefore as little surprise what is so different about this special version of her in game…


slaplol  yewot

We can hear your disapproval from here, Cloverstardropper – no idea if this was PoppyB’s doing, before any of you ask!

We’re guessing this NPC is the only one in game who is never able to run, and if she can realism also surely must mean she has two black eyes for a game week after?

Also, if you ‘Fus Ro Dah!’ her off the top of a mountain, when she lands does she bounce around everywhere like a Spacehopper (that’s a Hoppity Hop to you bloody rebel colonists!)?

But anyway, we had the smirks over this one wiped right off our faces just before the year’s end when the following was brought to our attention:

Click on this if you want to view it – but be warned beforehand you may be just a little bit revolted. Or a lot.

Now Noir And Dark Sims has always been making some pretty dubious content, but now they’ve really entered a new low with this sleazy crap.

It appears they have made a second not-so-secret blog specially aimed at proffering adult content only for their new best friends over at Lover’s Lab, whom you may remember we mentioned before in less than complimentary terms.

Why they have now decided to start devoting more time to people most Simmers do their best to avoid is of course their business, but we think we have the explanation from their regular blog and Dumblr sites:



Yep, another custom content creator getting delusions that they are somehow ‘entitled’ to others money for their hobby hosted on free websites.

shakehead  shakehead

Once they go down that road, drifting to those willing to pay money to have games modded to cater for all manner of sicko tastes seems almost inevitable.

Nothing any of us can do about this. But it would be better if they had some respect at least for the rest of the real Simming community – which had nurtured them and helped them during their early days learning to mesh – and did so using different alias to the one they use with their new ‘friends’, because we for one don’t want to have anything to do with human garbage like Lungpaul, Lady666 and the rest of those for whom the Sim series is a masturbation aid rather than a game.

That’s all.

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