Egandre’s Hitting The Nectar (Playing Sims 4, Who Could Blame Her!)

A left over from last year that proved worth leaving to see how it developed:


Yes, another player of the Glitterturd now coming over to the Sims 3 section on the EA forum in search of something more refreshing – although in this case it proved more the case of being in search of some refreshment.

TreyNutz proved elaboration, whereas Simasaurus09 was on hand to provide the inevitable response ‘NRaas has a mod for this’!


JoAnne65 and SimKeats were more interested in the less positive side effects:


For the benefit of the non-North American readers, 7-Eleven is a convenience store chain best known for the Slurpee range (the equivalent of the Slush Puppie over in the UK) and being routinely blamed for the reason so many Americans are fat bastards from selling take away drinks with the sort of size options usually only found in multiplex cinemas.

Anyway SimKeats, what’s wrong with Mango juice adulterated with a billion e-numbers?

Mikezumi and JoAnne65 brought matters over to territory that sounded suspiciously more like Chemical Wibs department:


Come to think of it, why hadn’t she turned up on this thread?

The mention of NRaas will bring a visit from Igazor invariably, although he was also far more interested in talking about the real world substances than the digital versions:


What’s wrong with Neon Orange cheese? You’ll be telling us Doritos aren’t a health food next!

As for you ElanorBreton, so much for our hopes you’d keep the British end up with decorum – getting your Simmies to behave like under thirty holiday makers in Ibiza, indeed!

Not that World Explorers Pary and Tangie-HappySimmer3 proved much better:


wag_finger  beer


Suppose there’s a logic Tangie to plasma fruit making non-vamps ready to do the old technicolour yawn, considering drinking blood is one of the worst activities to do to your poor old stomach.

Karritz meanwhile like ElanorBreton was getting her poor Simmies plastered for scientific reasons:


She didn’t provide any evidence of her crimes, but JoAnne65 most certainly did:


Erm, you might at least ensure there’s plenty of Lucozade and Alka-Saltzer for them for the morning after!

smiley-shocked032  smiley-shocked032

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