Zeri’s Keyboard Is STILL Too Bulky

Before we forget to post this one again (taken from Zeri’s Useless Ponderings):


One of us was shocked that there is such thing as a solar powered keyboard, only to be told by the younger half that they’ve been on the go for years and are ‘common place’ (if anyone can say where in the whole British Isles you can walk into a shop and buy one – the definition of ‘common place’ to the hoi polloi – your humble narrator will stand corrected).

As if this part of the 21st century passing yours truly by wasn’t enough, flabbers were further ghasted at the revelation that they are old hat – laser keyboards it seems are where the kewl kids are at.


Yes, a keyboard shone onto your desk or whatever surface is to hand, the little projector box gizmo picks up what you are typing and bluetooths it back to the computer, tablet, smartarsephone (anyone else remember the days when mobile phones got progressively smaller, not bigger?) or whatever.

Apparantly this is the future and workplaces will all soon have them so they don’t have to buy expensive keyboards which wear out once every ten desk coffee spills years. Nothing to do with more portability means easier to relocate workplaces to cheaper places, oh no.

We can’t wait for the first compensation claims from some shyster with some ‘Injury Lawyers For You’ type firm in tow over the long term wear and tear from typing onto a harder non-springy surface all day long, to say nothing of skin cancer of the hands from the laser…

(If any of you reading this make a successful claim, we want a cut of your winnings for the free legal rip-your-boss-off advice!)

You can guess eventually some bumnugget will be YouTubing a video of getting a friend to try it out shone onto what they don’t realise is a hot plate or electrified plate.

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