Cloverstardropper Says Fangs But No Fangs To The Glitterturd

It’s one of those laws of nature – those who got Sims 4 (legitimately or otherwise…) go back to it in the hope that it has got better or that the new expansion pack will be the missing piece in the jigsaw puzzle that will make it more than a passing distraction.

But as Cloverstardropper notes over at Switch’s Silliness, that’s in some ways making matters worse – not better – when you have a game which is not open world and everything is limited to jumping between one cramped shoebox arena to the next.


When you add vampires into a game and somehow manage to make it worse, it’s time to stop kidding yourselves all is well in the Merry Old Land of Oz (to paraphrase a certain Simmer long ago).

Games are meant to expand and evolve over time – not contract. Hence the frustration existing Sims 3 players (as in this case) had with the new version of the game, which took a step backwards and dared to call it being innovative – rather than being a reheat of the failed Sims Olympus project and having such a contempt for their fanbase they sold it at a premium price.

As we’ve said in the past, the failings of the Sims 4 series were always going to come home to roost as more and more packs were added on. Every new expansion, another player starts munching the rememberries and – inevitably – drifts back to Sims 3 (which minus any more sporadic EA patches of increasingly dubious merit has been given the peace and quiet to achieve stability and improved functionality via NRaas Industries, etc.).

For all its faults, time has proven the difference between a product developed to take the series forward by taking advantage of modern gaming innovations and one merely designed to turn the biggest projected profit margin by cutting corners and assuming the mugs in the marketplace will swallow it out of boredom for something new.


As Switch notes, it says it all when they couldn’t even be bothered getting them to do Simlish versions of the songs anymore because Graham Nardone and the rest of the Simguru lard arses wanted to save that money for more Pizza Fridays at Sims Studios.

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