The Glitterturd FINALLY Gets Toddlers (And Pets Are Next)

Would be rather churlish not to mention the biggest news of the year so far, c/o Beyond Sims (but what will always be the long gone Jud Hudson’s Sims Programs to the veteran Simmers):


Of course, this isn’t the first time that EA has out of the blue patched Sims 4 to include content from previous incarnations of the game.

Back then we said sarcastically that swimming pools and toddlers would be next – lo and behold! … albeit it has taken the Simgurus a mere three years to get the toddlers back.

Over at the Sims Community, they’ve had a scoop of their very own from Zerbu Tabek:


However, marry that to what Switch-Cloverstardropper pointed out yesterday, and this could matters a little more cramped within the shoebox ‘neighbourhoods’ of the game.

Unless of course they’re intending next to patch the game to make the game – if not open world – at least a more open world with far larger neighbourhoods for Simmies to use.

Of course today’s celebrations will be tomorrow’s recriminations when it breaks their games, but we think ElanorBreton encapsulated the current mood on the EA forum and elsewhere in the Simming community with the following:


slaplol  rimshot


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