Insert Your Duct Tape – Lufferkinz Is Back!

Yes, let’s get out all the old jokes, but the Simming community’s resident cosplayer extraordinaire (sponsored by Duck, Gorilla and 3M… okay we’re flogging it to death now!) it has been a while since we last saw her.

(Let’s just hope for our sakes she doesn’t find out about what we did with the Frozen sisters and Alice in Raiders, or that’ll be us on the international hitlist – the cosplay community make Anonymous and the KGB look like a bunch of cissys…)


So what’s the video like?

Be warned, Lufferkinz has the most cutesy wootsy voice you’ve ever heard – so that’s CravenLestat looking for her Simself as we speak (or rather as she speaks!)

slaplol  evilgrin

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