Another Day, Another Nation…


Gambia, Oh Gambia,
Though only small and thin,
When it comes to being called Gambia,
You are the one to win.

Your capital is Banjul
A name that means so much
To you who live in Gambia,
Though less so to the Dutch.

Gambia, where men are men
And trees fit in the ground.
The one six-lettered nation
Where Gambians abound!

Gambians! O Gambians!
Though your country is so thin
And most of it a river
It’s the place that you live in.

From mountains down to flat bits,
Ring out your anthem great,
Though now you’re part of Senegal
The words are out of date.

Written back in 1984 for Dr Fegg’s Book Of All World Knowledge (when Senegal’s peacekeeping troops had refused to leave and Gambia was swallowed up into the Senegalese ‘confederation’). Funny how some jokes come back into vogue again.


Hopefully this is the end to this nonsense and this doesn’t become another Africa nation involved in a pointless civil war.

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