Chemical Wibs And Her Frequent Imbibes


Now look Wibs, we really need to have a talk about this:


‘I only drink wine on special occasions. You know, like Wednesday.’

Now it may be a vibrant, expressive Marlborough Pinot Noir with ripe strawberry fruit and honest flavours, light bodied and silky, but all this wine is making you start to see the pink elephants:


Alright, alright, grey elephants, but give it another week of you hitting the bottle and you’ll be seeing the colour change!

Not that we’re pissed about your job being all about, erm, getting pissed – someone’s got to do it we suppose!


Although the whole notion of a job where you have to spend a year in training drinking the finest wines makes us want to ask the obvious question – what six numbers do you recommend for the Euro Millions on Saturday?

After all, your Simmies are even the ones that have discovered the perfect guilt free pizza experience.


mbounce.PNG  mbounce.PNG

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