Johnny Sintic aka StarMusicMedia – Seven Years Of Bumnuggetry Later And Still The FAIL Is Strong

We had a curious blast from the past in our letterboxes a week or two ago, but we thought we’d leave it for the weekend of Trump’s inaugeration as we reckoned you would all need a bit of cheering up before heading back to education or work on Monday:


So a post we made about someone who went trolling the Simming community back in 2010 (and got his arse kicked for his trouble) is now seven years later trying to get the evidence removed claiming that it is ‘slander’ and a ‘trademark infringement’?

slaplol  point

It’s not ‘slander’ if you are reporting facts backed up with proof. More to the point, it’s not our fault that this bumnugget chose to use his – for want of a better phrase – ‘business enterprise’ name for his trolling activities online.

Of course, some would be less charitable than ourselves and say this moron did it believing it was giving him some free advertising – if that is the case he can’t complain if it is now coming back to bite him in the nether regions years later and that a quick look on Google by potential business partners is making them think twice about having any dealings with him.

In any case, were this to be so, what was written here at The Mare’s Nest is the very least of his worries when the clown has sicked up so much of his life online and posted up so many fantasies that the simplest of checks demolishes it at a stroke; or posts up such infantile rubbish he’s doing a damned good job of slandering himself!

‘Evidence for the prosecution!’ we hear you cry. Get ready for a long ride…


For example, look what he’s posted on his LinkedIn page:


‘Hustle’? ‘Sex education’? ‘Street life’? ‘Get into trouble?’

facepalmhy2  point

So you created a page advertising yourself on the world’s largest business and professional social networking service, and chosen to post up juvenile crap.

Which instantly begs the question how seriously anyone considering doing any business with him should treat the rest of his claims?


20 000 hits daily from forty plus countries around the world?

That would mean averaging at least 560 000 in any given month, right?

So why isn’t he appearing in Alexa rankings?


‘Not enough traffic data’ – enough said.

By way of contrast, here’s how The Sims Resource, Mod The Sims and NRaas Industries do:


Now of course this says nothing about actual traffic numbers, although we think it is probably safe to say if they’re making the Alexa rankings they are pretty substantial, certainly more likely to be hitting the 20 000 hits mark at the least daily.

Granted, being in the Alexa Top 5 000 only really equates to having at least 1 500 visitors daily – and only if your website actually has the Alexa toolbar installed. In some cases, your website provider will stick the Alexa toolbar in whether you want it or not, along with the Google Rankings one, since it is in their own business interests to demonstrate how popular their site is, but it doesn’t cover all the hits you are getting. But we would think it pretty likely that anyone running a website for money generation is going to have that scripted into its code from the outset.

(We for our part have disabled every single one of these we are able to within the confines of WordPress – we’re only interested in readers from the Simming community and anyone else who wanders in can take us as they find us – although we do derive a certain amount of schadenfreude that a certain band, a writer of exceedingly good prose and a Nazi apologist ‘historical revisionist’ all play second fiddle to us on every search engine on the planet!).

So for the sake of clarity, let’s try another analytical website, SimilarWeb, which uses an average of many different analytical sites to come up with their figures:


Nothing yet again… although all manner of Simming websites of all shapes and sizes appear to have no problems appearing.


Okay, so you would expect the Taffers, The Fresh Prince and BSIRegina-Misty-Margaret Pendragon’s site to make it no sweat as much as the others, so let’s try for the more obscure:


Nope, the Crowkeeper, Chemical Wibs and that other blog whose name we can’t recall all made it easily enough too.

Finally, let’s try and go as obscure as is humanly possible:


Yes, even Skeletal Screams (missing in action yet again), Cloverstardropper and a certain bunch of Lonely Island squatters manage to make the cut – and the very infrequently updated Jazz-Hands gets about twenty hits on a good day!

wiggle tongue  ehwhat mare's nest version

Ergo, it’s up to you if you want to believe Johnny Sintic’s claims of 20 000 hits a day for his website despite all appearences to the contrary.

But to finally put matters into context about this chump, see what he’s been posting up on what is meant to be his business website – nothing more than an elongated bitch piece about his ex-wife.

So as not to make this post any longer in size, you will have to click here if you want to read the full thing, but here’s some of the highlights before if you want to see what you’d be letting yourselves in for:

‘I was recently in a relationship and got married, then got divorced.  Now I’m not perfect or considered a saint.  I probably should have shown her more attention, maybe not play video games or play on my pc as much as I did…’

‘Immediately after our separation she is already involved with someone else.  Someone who is a sandwich maker at Subway.  Really?  You gave up everything I gave you for someone like that?  Someone who doesn’t have their own house, someone who doesn’t have a real career and honestly someone who looks like they were at retard camp last summer?’

‘She always said she cared about me and other people.  But if you truly did care about people, maybe your brother would still be alive today.’

‘I even wrote you a fucking song and you never appreciated that either.’

‘People aren’t stupid, they can spot a whore when they see one.’

jawdrop-smilie   jawdrop-smilie

‘This story needed to be told because i’m sick of people wanting to keep me updated on what shes doing.’

It takes a lot to render us speechless, but words fail us on this one. Has this total freaking arsebucket got any sort of common sense – never mind business sense – at all? You don’t hang the dirtiest laundry of your personal life out on your business website, and in language that makes you out to be one industrial strength douchebag.

So, dear WordPress, the next time you get any claims from this bumnugget that we – or anyone else – are ‘slandering’ his or his company’s name, we would say that he’s just about made it impossible for anyone else out there to paint him or his business dealings any worse than he’s doing himself.

If Johnny Simtic aka StarMusicMedia wants to see who slanders him the most, he need only look into a mirror…

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