Dat’s Another Fine M.A.S.S. You’ve Got Yourself Into, JKTee511!

Over at The Sim Haus Of Mummygaga – that is, JKTee511’s blog – he’s been kicking off his Simming year with his new array of gaming characters, sort of a cross between G.I. Joe and your average British entry for the Eurovision Song Contest.


Yes, as if dentistry isn’t a terrifying enough prospect for most patients, imagine going to see one called Berry Lightwind – clearly all general anaesthetia from him are by gas!

yewot  yewot

Which may well explain one of his teammates unusual choice of face wear:


Hmmm, something tells us Berry Lightwind would have little trouble in guessing what she’s thinking whenever he lets off one of his meaty whoppers!

Whilst Rose Olive is straightforward enough to understand (yes, we find the odd ones always make the most sense!), we’re not so sure about Zahra Zogby:


‘a sniper rifle that can heal enemies.’ ?

scratchhead  dizzy

‘Takes pity for the enemies that she kills in combat’ ?

yewot  yewot

Put on your best deep meaningful faces people and say ‘war is hell… nobody ever wins.’

ehwhat mare's nest version  ehwhat mare's nest version

If she did take pity, she wouldn’t have been killing them in the first place – tsch! Plot integrity JKTee511 dear boy, plot integrity!

Or is is character development? Whatever!

But the one you are all going to love – or at least Sharkloverplayer and CravenLestat will – is Jolie Love.

‘Is quick to conclude she is disliked by those around her’? Don’t you believe it!


‘… is ridiculously clumsy and often ends up in embarrassing and revealing poses.’

yewot  yewot

‘She frequently offers to allow other to beat, strip or do other bad things to her…’

thOMG  thOMG


That’s a week’s worth of long cold showers, all your bed linen in the fridge and extra bromide in your tea, young man!

wag_finger  wag_finger

Doubtless there will be certain Simmers out there who will think that our resident Lady Gaga obsessive has upped his game considerably (hello everyone at NRaas Industries and Sims Asylum), but if you ask us:

disgusting that's what it is

(Although we do reserve the right for them to appear in a future episode of Raiders of the Lost Island Consignment Shop – you have been warned!)

evilgrin  evilgrin

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