Happy F**king New 2017 From F**king Bookygirl13 You F**kers!

Please remember over the next few days Bookygirl13 in all your thoughts and prayers – she’s going to be needing it.

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No, nothing to do with her Lupus…


… more having to deal with a Doofus!

No child should be forced to go through the ordeal of helping their parent learn how to use a smartphone. Or a computer, TV or any other electrical appliance.

Of course this wouldn’t have been happening if she hadn’t changed somewhat…


Bah! The Bookygirl13 we knew and loved would have turned around, casually pour petrol on their crotches before chucking a lighted match on top.

A Trump presidency we can take… but this?! To think we’ve lived to see the day when the secret lovechild of Emma Roberts and Pete Postlethwaite has gone soft!


Don’t do anything rash, Bookygirl13, just chemically castrate them for the good of the human race. You know it’s the right thing to do.

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