Set Phasers To FAIL: George Takei, You Are Made Of Stupid!

The last post of much missed Californian, Spychip, on her blog Spychipify was George ‘Mr Sulu’ Takei (well he’s famous for nothing else, is he?)’s well known ‘you are made of stupid’ from the Command And Conquer series – which subsequently was recycled to death for any number of social justice issues to the point of meme.

This has somewhat comes back to haunt him in the wake of posting up a number of highly ill advised comments in the wake of Donald Trump’s inauguration, which in true American style was the opportunity for plenty to make supreme arses of themselves in the hope of getting their Warholian fifteen minutes under a thin veneer of self-righteous protest – the worst by far being Jessica Starr’s early bid for the 2017 Attention Whore of the Year title.

Complete waste of time – even the North Koreans have realised they may as well concede the title to Trump for the next four years if the last few days have been anything to go by.

In the midst of this All American hysteria, George Takei decided to up the ante with the following irresponsible piece of appealing to people’s tendency to jump to conclusions when emotions were running high and the results could have been catastrophic:


As was swiftly pointed out at the time, it is standard routine for an incoming president to get a blank White House site on changeover day, and in no way meant all legislation concerning Climate Change, health care, civil rights and LBGT had been scrapped with immediate effect.

Elsewhere, he made a complete crass comparison between one of the most shameful episodes in modern American history and the commencement of Trump’s time in office:


Yes, because the imprisonment of 120 000 civilians in appalling conditions – some of whom died or whose health never recovered, is in any way comparable to the election of a populist buffoon in modern times – one who got in partly on the back of such manchild behaviour from social justice warriors compromising or downright alienating people that were on their side but were appalled in the manner such concepts as ‘cultural appropriation’, ‘triggering’, etc. were being abused to bludgeon people for trivia reasons simply to show everyone that they could.

‘Dignity’? We doubt you know the meaning of the world. If this is the tempo of how the most powerful nation on earth conducts itself, god help us all these next four years.

manul the pallas cat says my arse tastes better than your fail

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