Evalen, James64468, JoAnne65, Gitte2001, CharlottesMom, Karritz And Their Imaginary Friends

No, not the name of a 90’s movie, but a rare thread in defence of one of the much maligned parts of Sims 3.


Imaginary friends that hate children!

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Most tend to be more like Evalen’s – for example Indigo Blind Knight from Taffer Rad (who has been missing in action for some time now, anyone know what’s happened to her?)

JoAnne65 was suitably inspired, Gitte2001 less so.


Not that Gitte2001 is the only one who wants certain types of Simmies in her game to be rare.

Take grannies for example: Aarin, Chyla, Moryrie, Reesaroo, Zhivan, etc. liked them to be rare… to be precise, medium rare.

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Silly Charlottesmom rabbit! Don’t you know that with NRaas Mods Simmies can do everything and stuffs? Don’t you know they can fix everything?

(Except maybe the bumnuggetry of the American electorate!)

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