Never Mind The Rosannas, Here’s The Taffers’ Golden Plumbobs – But We Bet Emily Whalers Will Be Out For A Duck!


Are you suffering from Medal Fatigue?


Fed up with the Taffer Keepers not recognising your genius?

Well now’s your chance at Boolprop Fight The Addiction False to rectify that with the return of the annual (sort of…) Golden Plumbobs:


The nominations go here.

The discussions about them go here.

And the recipes for what to do with Palmer go here!


Although we think Emily Whalers (one of the many Taffers from Kraftdinnerland) has come up with the most inspired recipe of the week:


Pecan Pie flavoured almond butter? That looks suspiciously like something else!

Evidence for the prosecution:


This is commercially available pecan pie flavoured almond butter, noticeably darker than what Emily’s spread on her bread.


And this is duck pâté!

ehwhat mare's nest version  smiley-shocked032

Delicious when washed down with a good Canadian pint of gay milk.

No, we’re not making it up!


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