IreneSwift’s Domestic Lack Of Bliss

Are your Simmies undergoing marital strife?

Looking for heartfelt help and advice?

If so, why the plumbobs would you go to the EA forum – you know all the advice is going to at best malicious, at most entertaining worst downright bloodcurdling!


TreyNutz is obviously a fan of the remake of ‘The Wicker Man’:

not the bees


Hmmm, trouble is JoAnne65, not much point in cheating with his clone if the original version was lousy in bed!

As for 06Bon06’s suggestion, we think JKTee511’s got copyright on that one.

That said, both of them got back up from ElanorBreton and TheDarkRose, so what do we know?


Meh! We still say there’s no point in using an ageing up potion on them if you are going to use the zombie one on them…


… it would only be an improvement from them looking and acting like most of today’s teenagers!

ehwhat mare's nest version  wiggle tongue

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