Patience Is A Virtue, Not A Card Game, Mommy19959699 Dearest!

Give us strength!


‘I’m thinking I just may have to make them. No one seems really interested in sharing what they did on this topic. Dang. I guess people don’t really care for them anymore.’

shakehead  fryingpan

A thread is only ignored in the Sims 3 section of the EA forum when even Igazor and TreyNutz haven’t replied to it, you know!


Well said that man – there’s some out there who seem to think board members are plugged into the mains to recharge after answering all their questions. They have lives too, some even with more pressing concerns than gaming (shock, horror!).

In any case, they were wasting their time as Job’s wife (not!) had already found a solution.


Yes, you’ll certainly have no problems running an Uglacy with the Glitterturd – base game should suffice wonderfully. Enjoy your angry poop!

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