The Latest (Or, Where The Hell Were We?)

Right, a quick note on what’s been going on over the last week in real life.

Firstly, we’ve all been freezing to death: that is ourselves, our families and everyone we know in the immediate vicinity. British Isles weather is strange at the best of times but it has been bonkers these last two weeks – one day where it actually feels warm, the next as if there should be polar bears wandering around. Not conducive to wanting to read over forums and blogs and post up screenshots for comment when your body at night is telling you to go back into hiberation.

Secondly, the long running hospital saga, where first it was a hernia, next it was lymphatic cancer, next it was ‘you need some sort of surgery, we just don’t know what’.

The latest diagnosis? It’s a torn muscle. What any amateur sports coach could have deduced, but apparently beyond the realms of knowledge of five different consultants in three different departments. Now your humble narrator is being put forward for physiotherepy. Or ultrasound repairs. They’re not sure yet, it all depends what can be fitted in.

Ever get the feeling you’re nothing more than the NHS’s guinea pig?

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