Return Of The Pink Plumbob And The Birth Of The Vagina Beast


One piece of good news has been the reappearance of Jessamine Diane, who vanished during last year after going through what can only be best described as a pretty scary time in her life, thanks in part to the bumnuggetry of Britain’s National Health Service (ha ha, been there, doing that!) and the even worse Social Services, but those are other stories.


We have to confess we’d no idea until last year that matters were that bad in her life (we’ll not elaborate, that’s her job if she so desires), and we’d be lying if we said we weren’t worried at the radio silence thereafter, so good to see she’s still around, and appears to have got her ideosyncratic muse back:


slaplol  yewot

There is, as ever, a rational explanation behind what looks like a Dairylea triangle gone hipster:


Okay, maybe we’re reading too much into this, but you don’t like Emma Watson?

wiggle tongue  wiggle tongue

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