Switched By A Seductress To The Wonderful Reductress


With all this talk in the media about the menace of ‘fake news’ (as if The Onion is somehow new…) something else we can now blame Cloverstardropper for getting us interested in to the point of distraction is a certain little website that’s not all that it appears, but has fooled plenty.

Read the above article in full:


This is a joke, right? But weighed up against the sort of psychobabble which passes for journalism nowadays – especially those purporting to be for ‘feminine interests’ (or for that matter any ‘special interest’ group), suddenly you’re not quite so sure.

Let’s try again:


Okay, this one’s got to be a joke… isn’t it? Yet it sounds sort of plausible, yeah?

And what about the article links below it?


Got you wondering? Well wonder no more, because Reductress if you’ve never encountered it is a bloody brilliant website parodying media (especially online or printed) targeting women by appealing to the lowest common denominator as well as lampooning their tendency to infantilise their target audience by encouraging them into regressive self-indulgence and snowflakery.

Everything from the articles to the photos accompanying them are perfect pastiches of the sort of drivel pumped out on a daily basis and lapped up by the sort of morons who think the Spice Girls empowered women, that Rachel from ‘Friends’ should be canonised by the Pope, and that you can strong, independent, assertive (feel free to add your own favourite buzz adjective or whatever cliche Emma Watson is regurgiating in interviews this week), etc/ whilst acting your entire life like you still wear a nappy.


So if any of you out there are in need of a damn good laugh (and who doesn’t nowadays), get over to Reductress and start gorging yourself (remember, it contains no calories).

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