Don’t Switch The Lights Off!

We’re worried about Cloverstardropper. She’s starting to sound like a Trump supporter:


yewot  yewot

You’ll be wanting to build a wall to keep all the Taco munchers out and saying McDonalds counts as actual food next!


A Bloody Awful is what we’d call it!

But… ‘Bone app the teeth’

slaplol  smiley-lol

Elsewhere, Switchy is hearing things go bump in the night:


With this being February, might have been Lady Jane Grey taking a holiday during the anniversary month of her execution from haunting the Tower of London to avoid the usual round of dreadful factoid pieces in the media about her being the real source of Shakespeare’s plays, the latest crap ‘lost’ portrait of her being unearthed (here’s a hint folks, if it’s not got freckles, it ain’t her – she was the only British monarch with them, so she was dotty in more ways than one!).

Apparantly she was one of the very few victims of the Tower to be beheaded in one clean blow.

Of course, that’s only counting actual strikes…


Executioner: ‘Okay, here we go, chop chop… damn, missed. Okay, gotta keep a head of schedule… buggery bollocks, missed again, okay, third time lucky… oh forsooth’s sake, right, this time, come on man, remember the Tower of London’s motto, we’re not at home to Mr Cockup.’

Lady Jane Grey: ‘Lord into thy hands I commend my spirit… when I die of boredom at this rate!’



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