No ‘Wham! Flambé! Thank You Ma’am!’ For SageRainWillow As Yoshi_Dragur2012 Prefers Their Pumpkin Pie With Less Pump!

Dish of the day turned out not to be whoever CravenLestat is pursuing this week, but rather newbite SageRainWillow’s dive into the culinary arts Simming style:


Igazor’s recipe suggestion has us momentarily alarmed:


Although not half as alarmed as Yoshi_Dragur2012 was:


smiley-shocked032  smiley-shocked032

Lucky if true that the Simming world hasn’t gone down the road of the British media for creating crappy television cookery shows, otherwise SageRainWillow could end up turning the Great Simmie Bake Off into the Great Simmie Blow Off!

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