Chemical Wibs Flying Circus Does The Dead Parrot Sketch

We would like to register a complaint!


It’s about this parrot that your Simmies bought from this very boutique.

Being a sweet bird doesn’t come into it, matey – two days after Chardonnay joined their household, and…


… he’s an ex-parrot, run down the curtain and joined the bleedin’ choir invisible, pushing up the daisies and all that shit.

Dolcetto you’ve called his replacement? Doomed is what we’d call him!

smiley-shocked032  smiley-shocked032

(Oh by the way, if that parrot starts squarking ‘Mummies! Puppies! Lady Gaga!’, you might want to let Moryrie and Reesaroo know and ask that pet shop where they get their merchandise)

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