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Thomas And His Gay Lolly

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Meanwhile, over at Sommelier Sims (ie. Chemical Wibs’s hangout):


evilgrin  evilgrin

Sorry, but we couldn’t resist!

We were going to point out the irony of two days after saying ‘Chardonney is doing well’ it rings down the curtain and joins the choir invisible, but we decided it would be far funnier going down the Dead Parrot sketch route with some artistic licence.

Anyway, considering last year we were accusing your Simmies of being drug fiends, that one was pretty respectable for us!

Which reminds us, what is your Tommy getting up to with that gay lolly?


A lolly so gay you’d have sworn Bookygirl and Cloverstardropper were behind it.

yewot  yewot

The Awesome Bridge Of Winds For Crowkeeper’s Dusk Realm

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Just when you think it can’t get any more appetising…


This is going to be so bloody epic when it finally comes out!

drooling-emoticon  drooling-emoticon

You’ve Been LOLSimmed – Part 76

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And in a packed programme tonight, we have:

Griffindork (Dysfunkshinul Legacy/Boolprop Fight The Addiction False), Lanlyn (EA Forum), Mikezumi (EA Forum) and MyCami21 (EA Forum).