All That’s On AngryPanCake’s Karaoke Is The Sound Of Silence (But Gitte2001 And CravenLestat Pumped Up The Volume)

We’d say that Gitte2001 has a point considering what LingXiaoyu Laurentx can do to ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’.

CravenLestat came up with the solution in one of those rare threads where Igazor wasn’t giving the answers:

But should those who are pregnant be kept away from karaoke machines as Gitte2001 advises? Do they produce X-rays or something? One thing’s for sure, they seldom produce anyone with the X Factor!


By the way, for those wondering what an angry pancake is:

This by contrast is a fierce pancake:

That’s two mentions Kev Hopper’s wangled out of us in a week!

And this is a Pokemon card although we’ve a suspicion this one may not be legit…

First person to form a band called Angry Wolf Wants Pancake wins the internet.

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