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Cheer Up Zeri, Things COULD Be Worse Than Trump (Yeah, REALLY! Here’s Why…)

Posted in Uncategorized on March 10, 2017 by themaresnest

Okay two points here. First of all, what did you have to lose before that buffoon came into power?

Okay, there’s the inevitable end of Obamacare – for all the length of time it ever existed. But other than that, were things really that good in America before that wiggy buffoon got in?

Sure, you enjoyed arguably the cheapest food and booze in the world (c/o those extremely dodgy trade deals the U.S. government forces on Third World nations if they don’t want to be declared a ‘failed state’ and destablised by American sponsored ‘freedom fighters’ – which once upon a time included the likes of the Khmer Rouge and Al Queda …), but other than that life’s been pretty much a never ending ‘getting by’, yeah?

Unless you’ve been dabbling in the stock market, whatever misery Trump causes will not be nearly a tenth as much as all those rich bumnuggets that have been screwing over America (and everywhere else in the world) are gonna get. You know, those responsible for the endless wars in Muslim countries, the terrorist backlash from those endless wars, your food getting dodgier every day courtesy of Monsanto, the way you are lucky if a job lasts more than two years, the way people appear to be getting stupider not smarter despite access to knowledge never being so open than before thanks to the way they’ve manipulated the internet …

The rest of the business and financial world is seriously pissed with a President and executive you wouldn’t trust to be put in charge of Stars Hollow Town Council. Pissed enough to – one by one – start turning their backs on them and putting their investments just about anywhere else that looks more stable. Just about the only ones that aren’t are the Russians – and Trump’s main backers aren’t at all happy about getting cosy with those no good atheist ex-Commie bastards that have been America’s arch-enemies for a mere ninety years, not least of all due their links with organised crime.

(Yes, you read that right. Ninety years. Apart from a small interregnum circa 1941 – 1945, relations between the U.S. and Russia have been pissy long before the Cold War… something about the U.S. intervening in their internal affairs. Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose…)

The truth is that it’s these idiots that are gonna feel the burn this time – and feel it big. America has been a great place for the rich primarily because the rich ran it and ensured it was always one of their own or someone like Reagan that could be told what to do by their own. Now their ultimate nightmare has come true, someone who won’t listen to anyone – Trump cannot be bought, bullied, blackmailed, coerced, persuaded, etc, etc. because the seventy year old man-child has been brought up in a gilded cage surrounded by people telling him daily what he wants to hear that he’s awesome even when by any civilised standard of behaviour he’s been a complete stinking douchebag. And a pig-ignorant one to boot – someone so stupid, even Dubya Bush recognised Trump was too dumb to be allowed to control the Oval Office.

You know what? Play video games all day. Really. And get a big bag of popcorn in for watching the news and watch as all the rednecks, fundamentalist Christians, Wall Street sharks, social justice warriors, liberal hippy douches, etc. all kill one another big time. Let ’em get on with it – haven’t we all been saying long enough those who start the wars ought to be made to fight them instead of dragging everyone else into being their cannon fodder?

If one set of wackos wants to believe themselves as ‘anti-fascists’ and the other side wants to believe themselves as ‘patriots’, let them have their little moment of madness whilst they carry out their American Civil War II fantasies they’ve been creaming themselves over for nigh on twenty years of getting to ethnically cleanse everyone who doesn’t think like them. Leave them to it – just remember to feed the survivors to your snakes and let some mice live to see another day.

You never know, maybe, just maybe, America will learn from all this. Maybe America will go back to being a nation where people agreed to disagree – first with one another, then with the rest of the world.

Maybe it will finally get rid of that lunatic voting system which led to last November’s disaster happening in the first place.

You know, the one where people register as Democrats or Republicans which allows them to approximate ahead of time voter levels in electoral wards, whereupon all manner of chicanery by corrupt officials can be put into place (insufficient staffing of polling stations so people are unable to vote in time, irregularities with postal voting, irregularities with the counting machines, etc, etc).

You know, the one where party managers can rig the supposed democratic process, so that the person voters wanted to get the nomination – Bernie Saunders – was replaced by the one the party managers wanted.

You know, the process that Turkey’s wannabe dictator President now want for his country (if that doesn’t tell you it all, nothing will!).

Sometimes you simply have to stop caring, let the world play out its bumnuggetry and get on with your life the best way possible. Because sometimes the whole bloody world you’re living in simply cannot be saved from itself – all you can do is your best to survive it.