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Caught In Print: The Guardian Newspaper’s Epic FAIL! (Get ‘Em, Manul The Pallas Cat!)

Posted in Uncategorized on March 11, 2017 by themaresnest

Yes, nothing to do with Simming, but there’s no way we at The Mare’s Nest of all places could allow this open goal to pass us by:

‘Caught on camera, the elusive snow leopard.’


Suffice to say whilst the online edition was corrected swiftly enough, the print version could not so easily be recalled.

We’d be a bit kinder to The Guardian (the former ‘liberal’ newspaper which now merely exists to instruct bleedheart lefties and social justice warriors what is fashionable amongst the pseudo-intelligentia to ‘think’…) if it wasn’t for its habit of trying to intellectualise the shittiness of online trolls, ‘oh the poor dears have problems needing resolved’. Nope, there is no difference between today’s trolls and yesteryear’s poison pen letter writers. They do it because they can get away with it mainly without repercussions (not least of all not being thumped!), and in the case of the internet because they get to gloat in viewing the unhappiness their handiwork causes. End of.

That and the fact you have to be really bloody stupid to be unable to tell the difference between a tiny Pallas’ cat and a big old snow leopard.

Okay, one weighs up to one hundred and fifty eight ounces, the other is an Ounce!


So without further ado…