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Not Kev Hopper Again!

Posted in Uncategorized on March 13, 2017 by themaresnest

Sorry, but we’re morally obliged to mention this one after spotting it by chance:

He’s gone and uploaded today the entire of the remaster of his 2015 album for everyone to hear and see if they want it.

If you want to get it, or individual tracks thereafter, you can go to his Bandcamp page.

(There are of course ways of copying tracks on Bandcamp down as MP3s, but as you can choose how much you want to pay for it there’s no real point, is there?)

First listen through, one of us likes it since they’re in an experimental music mood brought on by excessive listening to old Creatures CDs they acquired after their full blown Siouxsie and the Banshees back catalogue freak out from last year after their shenannigans at London’s Horniman Museum (long story, but to be concise one of us is involved in a quest to find the legendary lost statue that fronted the ‘Juju’ album, which may – or may not be – still buried in their basement archives thirty six years after inspiring one of the most influential popular music albums of all time… yeah, so much for that being concise shit, eh?!).

Your humble narrator however thinks Kev Hopper’s done better: it sounds too much like 1970s British TV drama incidental music.

‘Music For Main Character Walking Along Street Where They Encounter Something Interesting’…

‘Music For Housewife Making The Kids Dinner Awaiting Their Return From School When She Remembers Something Little Johnny Said At Breakfast That Causes Her To Have An Epiphany About The Way Her Loving Husband Has Never Forgiven The Next Door Neighbour For Winning The Church Raffle’…

‘Music For Housewife Wanking Off Geoffrey From The Gas Board Coming (Literally) To Read Your Meter’…

… whoops sorry, straying into Robin effing Asquith ‘Confessions Of’ territory there.

Blame it on listening as this is being typed to Belle And Sebastian’s Dear Catastrophe Waitress album – the point where nice Mr Born Again Christian Stuart Murdoch banged his head and decided cheesy early 1970s sexism and objectification of women was what The Kids wanted – from the ‘babelicious’ artwork to the utter cringefest videos for ‘Step Into My Office Baby‘ (Orchestral Manouevres In The Dark were crucified for less for ‘Tesla Girls‘, for plumbob’s sake!) and ‘Wrapped Up In Books‘ (wrapped up in boots and a mini skirt more like it. Little more than a B&S nerd fap video for Alexandra Klobouk – who started appearing in just about everything the band did mediawise at this point for no other reason than as eye candy. For the love of plumbob Bookygirl and Gitte2001 don’t watch it or you’ll not get anything done all week!).

Anyway, have a listen to it and see for yourself – and thank you Mr Hopper for being good enough to let us all have a free listen.

P.S. For the person who asked, no, Alexandra Klobouk is not the same girl who starred in the famous Elton John video for ‘Nikita‘ (which had much the same impact in Warsaw Pact nations as the Beatles earlier ‘Back In The U.S.S.R.’) – she was only two years old at the time! – although yes they do look very much alike now you come to mention it.


That girl was Anya Major, also famous for starring in the very first TV commercial for the very first Apple Mac. Every day a school day, eh?