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Another Burner Burned – The Sad Tale of Gohliad And Eirflower

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If there’s one certain rule of the internet, it’s that if you carry out a completely one-sided vendetta against an individual, sooner or later it’s going to come back and bite you.

Today’s example kicked off – where else? – at Sim Secret, which has been to the Dimblr section of the Simming community more trouble than it’s been worth:

Yes, because Simming community burn books have such a habit of working out for the best don’t they, as KawaiiDulce/Gatorade3 aka Jamey Durrant found out back in 2013.

Now granted, their target in question is a graduate of the Donald Trump school of tact and diplomacy…

But anyway, there was certainly enough dirt being dished out, albeit in such a badly presented slapdash manner the reader was left trying to piece together the pertinent points themselves half the time: the main one being their lack of manners towards a community they went begging for money from shortly after.

Now having burned their boats under their old name, they decided to publicly do one last bit of diva-ing before changing their name, but not it appears their behaviour:

From Gohliad to Servobride, old whine in a new bottle:

Now that last part on February 28th was what appeared to have been the tipping point behind all this ire, for a mere five days earlier…

Not helped by this:

Suffice to say this went down like a lead balloon, and was responded to in much the same way as before:

But back to Sim Secret, where a certain FloweyTheFlower had a lot to say for themselves about these matters:

Someone whom had only first appeared on LiveJournal (where Sim Secret is stored) the previous day of 3th March:

One week later, and it all backfired – big time!

Now the strange part was that Sim Secret had one of their having their cake and eating it moments – refusing to publish it in that week’s list of secrets, but having it in the unpublished section, under a frankly unbelievable excuse:

But hang on Prah2010 – only a week earlier you thought it perfectly okay for someone to post up a link to a Dimblr that did nothing but crucify an admittedly nasty piece of work. What the plumbobs did that have to do with the Sims?

Incidentally, although the author of the yellow Dimblr was quick to deny Eirflower was behind all this, the reaction to the revelations…

…was rather telling!

Hardly surprising, as with it being them of all people the hypocrisy was astounding:

That ‘buy me a coffee’ linked straight to this:

After a few days of radio silence, it came back up with an ever increasingly implausible series of life disasters to account for their absence:

So they’ve had their laptop stolen, been in hospital, and when the sympathy wasn’t forthcoming they played the trans card, for all the good it has done them:

Meanwhile in the middle of all this, the Gohburnbook continues.

This, best beloved, is a story that is not going to end well…