Zeri Finds Fourteen Inches Lots Of Fun – Even If It Is Cold, Wet And Slippery

Yes, over in the British Isles (except for Ireland where it pisses with rain all the time from now until about May) everyone’s been moaning about getting utterly unpredictable weather all over the joint, but spare a thought for those bloody barbarians over in the rebel colonies on the eastboard currently living in what looks like the icebox of your average student flat’s communal fridge.

The biggest surprise of all this is that Donald Trump hasn’t tried to blame this as a problem left over from when Obama was in charge.


Weather forecasters have been reassuringly as hopeless over the pond as they are in this country (although at least we don’t use such stupid terms as ‘whoop de dos’. Whereas out in the sticks Zeri and former Granny Muncher Zhivan Karst may have been forced to employ liberal use of a shovel – or alternatively gone ‘shove this’, stayed indoors and kept right on Simming instead – elsewhere the New York Times states that they miscalculated the snowfall to a ludicrous degree:

So Tim Morrin’s promised twenty inches turned out to be only seven. Typical bloody man, eh?


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