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Cloverstardropper Discovers The Ukipcrab

Posted in Uncategorized on March 26, 2017 by themaresnest

In the week that Britain is getting a new one pound coin to replace the ones Rumanian immigrants forged on an industrial scale rendering them utterly worthless that people complain cause too much wear and tear in their pockets, wallets and purses, it’s nice to hear from Cloverstardropper than over on The Dominating Crabbiness’ side of the pond they are also introducing some new coins:

Elsewhere, Switch has discovered from Dumblr that Taffer Tee Vee appears to have a stalker:

… but unfortunately is in need of discovering a good history book:


It doesn’t get much more warrior that Bluetooth – named after Harold Bluetooth, who united Denmark with Norway in the 10th century by conquest and diplomacy. He’s even in Civilization V as the leader of the Vikings… you know, the demo version of Skyrim’s Nords.


Only your adverts, your immortal soul and your Sprite. Nothing to worry about!

Congratulations on your important discovery of the Ukipcrab by the way:

But shame on you for your sinking to the following new depths of depravity:

Unless this is all part of your overall career plans to become a humble kink farmer:

Question is, how far apart do you have to plant your kinks in order for them to grow properly?

And what sort of fertiliser do you give them? KY Jelly?

We think we should be told!