Former Simmers And Simmers On Form

Another of those ‘before we forget’ posts!

A former Simmer, Roman2886?

ZeeGee stated the obvious retort:

We liked CravenLestat take on it best:


Although ENolan’s philosophical moot was interesting:


But what if they are bluffing?

However it seems that indeed some of the veterans have been finding their enthusiasm on a downward spiral:

Although it has to be said that CK213 has a past history of peaks and troughs with his interest in Simming, if anyone can sum up the appalling damage the Glitterturd has done to the fanbase, it’s Sk8rblaze:

Yes, this is the same poster boy for Sims 4 who’s disillusionment with the game was one of the great comedowns of 2014. Three years on, nothing has changed, despite all the further booster releases.

Mind you, there were others who stopped playing because they had no choice:

As Igazor – who else? – pointed out to OKblondee7, there was a simpler solution to her problems – drop that guy!

Really, he missed his vocation as an Agony Aunt for ‘Cosmopolitan’!

Yes, TadOlson has told that story about TadOlson’s computer woes just a few million times. TadOlson did forget to mention all the NRaas mods in TadOlson’s game as well however, so we are wondering it this is an imposter!


However, admit the gloom, there’s still plenty of the old guard staying true to the faith, with Tangie-HappySimmer3 being one of those who came on board at just about the worst possible time of life to do so – university – and yet remains with us with the rest of the World Explorers to this day as part of the backbone of the Simming community (or at least a substitute to the lack of any sort of backbone possessed by the Simgurus!).

And if there’s one we’ll always be glad to see around, it’s MW1525 – the living embodiment of quality over quantity posts – whose experience as a professional writer shows with her ability to encapsulate a multitude of Simming topics and issues concisely.

Although we still liked one of our own answers to the question of when we’ll give up the game

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