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King_of_Simcity7 Has Gone Down The Pan With This Post!

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Yes, the spirit of Simlogical And The Dead End Knights lives on!

Your Simmies pee and shower, Elanorbreton, then swap around – and they wonder why they’re going in stinky? Not since the days of Pollysim has there been such shameless hygieneless issues with the beautiful game.

JoAnne65’s Simmies however are made of sterner stuff however, steel in fact – and we don’t mean the stuff her toilet’s made out of.

But for Kateness, you can never have enough bathrooms.


We always wondered who was the person that inspired a certain famous ‘Not The Nine O’Clock News’ sketch which first introduced (an off camera) Mr Bean…

Rflong7/13 meanwhile prefered a slightly less radical approach:

With six toilets!

Whilst TreyNutz’s Simmies may have bladders of steel, DivieOwl’s appear to have ones of too many cups of tea.

On second thoughts, maybe it wasn’t Kateness who inspired that sketch after all!

It wouldn’t be an epic Simming thread without Igazor turning up:

Now you and we would think the man from NRaas had everything covered, but KevinL5275 thought otherwise…


Silly Igazor! How else are you going to order in a post-pan cracker pizza fest?

From pizzas now to sprouts…

Part genie, part mermaid? If they were also part fairy you’d have the cleanest toilets in all Simdom, Gitte2001 – guaranteed to reach the places other Simmies couldn’t reach!

Batrooms, WillowG145? We’ve heard of bats in the belfry, but never bats in the bathroom.

TadOlson prefers his toilet time to be al fresco

Erm, that’s only true in Blackadder II, King_of_Simcity7!

Could be worse, JoAnne65, could be like the Aussies where you have to worry about the dreaded ‘dunny spider’ (the redback) as well!

Quite, Surreal, quite!

But what’s all this?

You’ve been having dalliances with Coco? Just wait until CravenLestat finds out!

But let’s finish our business here with someone we’re only mentioning for only the second time in the history of The Mare’s Nest despite being quite a prolific poster it appears since 2009:

For that, our apologies – we deserve to get panned for it!