SIMplified Prefers The Old Nostalgia To The New Nostalgia

Now there’s an oxymoron for you!

Much to our surprise, checking back the last time we spotted SIMplified was in November 2012, yet we’d no idea she’d been away this long – one of those that seemed so semi-permanent you didn’t really notice she’d vanished as you were certain she was around the EA forum somewhere

Every night on the EA forum’s like ‘A Night At The Museum’, Igazor!

Speaking of which, some fascinating old relics – JoAnne65, World Explorer Pary and King_of_Simcity7 were at hand to give them a guidebook and the guided tour.

TadOlson meanwhile was one predictive text post away from disaster:

Normally having a full hard one is a prerequisite of starting play, but not in the Sims series!


Something old and something new next, as newbie (sort of…) KaikoMikkusu and the inimitable grand old dame of the Simming world Rflong7/13 popped in to say hello to the prodigal daughter.

As did those other two old time troopers DoTheSmustle and Surreal:


Nice sentiments CandyD… we could have done without the appearence of Pescado though!

Jessa_Dakkar and Jillbg turned up – naturally! – but so did Uzone27, who really took things too far with…

It’s almost enough to make you want to:


SIMplified was very happy with the response to her post – including an outbreak of fangasms towards Rflong7/13 (so at least we know she’s still normal!):

Pary put her in the picture as to the bumnuggetry EA had been up to whilst she was away elsewhere:

For ElanorBreton, there was a touch of sadness for those no longer with us:

Funnily enough, there appears to have been a run on The Mare’s Nest this week for posts on a number of old familiar faces which have disappeared, one in particular being Zhivan aka Zhivankarst. No idea if this came from members of the EA forum or some of the old Aarinites, but for those who did, yeah, we share that same pang for a lost old friend too – another left disillusioned by Sims 4.

And in the case of Karritz, by the forum that replaced the one we all knew and loved:

Elsewhere, Igazor was feeling his age:

And Junceda came out of the Create-A-World section to say hello:

Whilst Rflong7/13 turned into the Easter Bunny and gave away a few eggs for the faithful:

Yes, we are less than we were before, but we are none the less strong than before.

So long as we keep faith, others will return – like SIMplified.

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