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Chemical Wibs Is Still Sinking Them

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Over at Chemical Wibs’ Sommelier Sims, it’s business as usual.

Another day another of her Simmies going to the great vineyard in the sky.

Oh gawd, not another bloody dead parrot, is it?

No, apparantly it’s Thomas this time, it appears popping his immortal cork when coming out of the shower – you didn’t buy that shower from old South African Police stock did you?

In better news, the bushes in Monte Vista are starting to bear their fruit and the road traffic department should be out shortly to harvest this season’s first crop of signs.

(It’s probably some NRaas Mod she’s got, just humour her!)


Yeah, but it’s still a designated maritime grave, so you can’t. Wait until the rust bacteria destroys the thing completely by 2025 (so the experts claim) then you can go down and help yourself to all the vintage booze you want, freshly chilled!

In the meantime…

… just keep enjoying that gorgeous view at the lighthouse.


Excuses, Excuses: How The Disreputable Side Of Simming Tries To Underplay Pierre-Pierreandreply4-RedRoseTea-FriendlySimmers Nonce-nce

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Since our post earlier in the month, to neither of our surprises there’s been certain individuals around the non-EA forum orbit falling over themselves to make excuses for this distasteful specimen.

In keeping with Mare’s Nest tradition, we’ve been keeping some extras aside and now seems as good a time as any to let you see these.

Excuse No.1. : ‘There’s no proof that Pierre/FriendlySimmers is an adult, therefore nothing wrong with what he’s posting.’

Quite aside from the fact he had just admitted he was away on holiday to Las Vegas – and the only reason for going there is gambling – and his obsession with washing machines, there’s the fact he’s already admitted to being a 41 year old adult several times two years ago (although he may be a good deal older, but more about that later):

Now for the bit on whether he could in fact be older than this, cue FleurDeSang over at Garden Of Shadows back in 2008:

Excuse No.2. : ‘No one in the Simming community knew about Pierre’s disturbing interests in young boys in underpants.’

Oh dear, this part is almost embarrassing.

Again, quite aside from the fact he was making requests for boys underwear way back in the Sims 2 days as we mentioned last time, he was one of the most popular topics of bitchery over at the central hub for the non-EA forum snark kiddies, Garden Of Shadows.

And who was the primary instigator – well, if it wasn’t a certain Liegen aka Liegenschonheit, at that time owner of Garden of Shadows (and as we’ve mentioned before having more than a passing involvement in Sim Secret…) and who was six years later to object to a certain similar matter over at Mod The Sims.

But let’s stay with Garden Of Shadows and their lengthy sniggering over Pierre-Pierreandreply4-FriendlySimmers – or Captain Underpants as they began to dub him…

Makes a change from washing machines being obsessed with Figwit!

Just to provide the context which James Sunderland is speaking about:

And who is this Kim over at InSiminator so anxious to defend Pierre?

Yep, PlaySIMKim aka Kimikay later of The Simmers Club – where of course Pierre was one of the moderators in this and several other forums she was involved in the running of. Coincidence, of course.


But back to the story: Dr Jenfold had decided to follow Abbey’s link to Pierreandreply3’s Photobucket account and was now regretting it.

Yes, there is Liegen-Liegenschonheit, the Garden of Shadows owner at the time, and one of the more influential members of the Simming community of the period, openly accusing him of being a paedophile with that NAMBLA reference.

That made for updates on Pierre’s antics now becoming a routine part of GoS forums thereafter:

And now for the ironic part, and yet one all too familiar to those on the EA forum – old Pierre’s habit of pulling everyone else up for ‘inappropriate content’!


Bottom line: any claims from that side of the Simming community he spent most of his time within that his peccadillo for young boys in their underwear is all news to them too is bullshit. It was well known enough amongst them back in 2008 – a mere nine years ago, long before his DeviantArt account started two years ago made it so blatant for all the world (never mind Simmers) to see.

They knew, but they saw it as a source of amusement rather than a matter akin with that of years later, where Simmers from that same side spoke out en masse and make it clear this sort of behaviour that could bring the entire Simming community into disrepute was unacceptable anywhere, and made it clear to those running other forums giving him a platform they could expect to pay similar consequences as would the offending party.

Once again, why the double standard? The silence to that question has been damning.

And oh by the way, although he has now scrubbed his Photobucket account only because we’re on his case (funny how scumbuckets like that only appear to shit themselves when we turn up, not when it’s anyone else treating such behaviour as an amusement), he’s still up to his old tricks, running off to the safety of The Sims Resource (or so he thought):

Go on, guess what Jeisse197’s creations were that had attracted Pierre’s attention?


IrishSheDevil’s New Legacy – Life After The Freeze

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Was it inspired by certain parts of the British Isles last week?


No idea how this one will fare, but for those of you wanting to keep it in your radars, this is it.

BlackSand’s Simmie Loves To Come Home To A Roaring Fire

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His house guests a little less so!

What’s Got Into You, LaBlue0314? This Is Blasphemy!

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Everyone remember LaBlue0314’s vampire couple putting the smexxy back into Simming?

Well look what she’s done – if you dare.

Wrong on so many levels! Now he looks like something out of Gilmore Girls.

KaikoMikkusu and Waterdragon stated their disapproval.


Switching Over To Some Duvet Stuffers

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Yep, it’s Cloverstardropper time!

The question here is does one eat an iphone with or without ketchup?

If someone clocked either of us over the head with a watermelon we’d be too busy eating the pieces before the cats did to pay any attention as to where the projectile came from.

If you’re having trouble sleeping, just stick on the following video of cats purring:

If it doesn’t send you to sleep, it will at least give you the warm fuzzies for the next nine hours.

(Yes, we know, any excuse to post cat videos!)

Oh yeah, she’s back to posting that picture of that Maisie Williams lookalike who now looks like an early 70s rocker from Black Sabbeth or Deep Purple or Led Zeppelin or whatever.

Get your hair cut, you bloody hippy!

(Incidentally, did you know that Maisie Williams from Game Of Thrones, Dr Who and just about everything else these days real name is Margaret and Maisie is only her nickname after the character from the British cartoon strip The Perishers – best described as the love child of Lucy from Peanuts and Johnny Rotten! Nothing to do with being named after the singer from Boney M, despite the rumours…)

We’d have thought you would have made Sprite the official state drink and made the University of California have degree courses in Tantric Kinkshaming.

But let’s get onto more critical matters…

So who is this Critikal?

And now for the important question:


Now for the other important question:

No idea about Simone de Rochefort, other than it being another YouTube professional geekster who only gets attention because they’re shaggable (see also Critikal, Pewdeepie, those two twats on GINX – anyone else remember when it was good? – etc, etc.)

Here’s our favourite Rochefort – the small town in Belgium of only twelve thousand Sprouts obsessed with brewing vintage beers…

… which always come in a nice glass!


… and trying to win Jeux Sans Frontières – which Belgium was notoriously utter shit in – entering a team every single year and three times actually making the international heats…

… and which they duly did win, in the very last grand final of the original series in 1982. Cue entire of Belgium going mental.

(Go ask your parents Gitte2001 and Dorienski if you don’t believe us!)


Good enough for David Tennant’s Doctor Who, good enough for you!


And finally…

Yep – and thank you once again for alerting us to what a racist piece of shit she is in the first place. The likes of that all gaming communities – let alone the Simming or Dragon Age ones – can do without.


Aaaaaaand Sim Romanov Is Back Again

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This is almost becoming an annual event. Or something.

Hang on, have the Pixies got a new album out? Simple check: has Sharkloverplayer also become more active on the EA forum of late?

Hey, an outdated laptop was perfect for your switch to Sims 4!


Meh! The only people who need to come back into the Simming community with new names are those with something to hide, and you certainly did not fall into that category (well, apart from that picture of you wearing that straw boater…).

Yes, MadameLee’s still around – one of us was sorely tempted to go over to Canada and meet this legend in her lunchtime in the flesh at that karaoke bar, but considering what happened all those years ago when one of us tried speaking with her in one of the Comrades’ chatboxes, decided best against and opted to go to London to go and see Harry Potter And The Cursed Child instead.

A Simblr and a Dumblr both refer to Tumblr blogs, Simblrs being ones dedicated to Simming, Dumblrs being your average nothing but reposts of what everyone else is saying (like 99% of all Tumblrs – hence our distain for them) and Dimblrs are Simming Dumblrs.

Not long after came Sim Romanov’s new computing rig.

It’s a fanny magnet.

Which is more than can be said about…

Stop kidding yourself, the graphics do look that bad on the Glitterturd to begin with!

Hmmm, four posts later… think it’s pretty obvious what the answer is to that one!


Welcome back again, you old Crazie, you!