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IreneSwift’s Concerto Interruptus

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You know you’re getting old when the stage divers are getting younger every day.

CravenLestat showed sympathy and a rather drastic solution:


Lisamwitt showed her genius solution.

Igazor and Starguru felt however that IreneSwift should be counting her lucky Stars In Their Eyes:

Although in Starguru’s case she likes her Simmie audiences to be playing with fire…

There’s a time and place for pelting others with marshmallows – the target holding projectiles of their own in a state of inflammation is not, we repeat not, one of them!

EA Forum Spammer Scammer Has Quite The History, 5782341b77vl!

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There was a thread from back in 2014…

… which (oh plumbobs, here we go again…) 5782341b77vl was not happy to see being resurrected a mere three years later.

Be careful what you complain about, you may get worse – a lot worse!


Another stunning piece of forum moderation by the Simgurus and their flying monkeys at EA!

This happens to be the work of a well known Nigerian scammer of multiple alias, as explained over on the Scammers Exposed blog also here at WordPress. several years back.

Although ironically enough, they’ve been subjected to the same spam themselves!


They and EA are in good company as no one is safe it seems from these bumnuggets.

Not even Professor Gabriel Sawma!

He may be one of Trump’s advisors to the Middle East, and certainly a diehard member of Team Chump.

Is this tweet ever going to come back and haunt him with this week’s news!

But he still needs help apparantly from an expert spell caster.


Perhaps Professor Sawma could use his position in the corridors of power to get a SWAT team round to take this bunch of Nigerian scammers out? Hey, it wouldn’t be any dafter or any more crass than any of the other stuff the current U.S. administration comes out with on a daily basis!

‘A Boy Is Starving’ Turns Out Not To Be A Philosophical Question

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Poor old Bluelightning!

Saucer of cream for JoAnne65 please!