MadameLee Turns Over A New Leaf (But Only If Someone Disses Disney Films!)

Whisper it if you dare, disbelieve it if you must – we can barely believe it ourselves, but since December time, MadameLee – serial nutjob of the Simming world for the best part of the life time of this here blog and central character in all manner of bumnuggetry – appears to have changed for the better.

Now many of you will remember her as a serial starter of blogs with all manner of legacies, stories and other such grandiose intentions and cunning plans which came to naught except serial self-plugs on the EA forum encouraged by supposed ‘sympathetic’ people who were simply enjoying the raucous it caused when other members rightly objected.

Something appears to have changed, because she restarted her ‘blink and you missed it’ Swanson Legacy back in December time, and a mere sixty nine posts later is still going strong:

Now leaving aside the rather racist terminology you can see about (we hope she’s got a very good explanation for this in the context of her story…), even a brief skim through her blog shows that to be highly unatypical and the rest of it appears a good old fashioned vanilla Simming legacy regularly updated – all a far cry from the passions dissipated in one fleeting fruitless cause after another in the past.

MadameLee with focus? MadameLee with maturity? What magic art is this?

Before any of us cried ‘who are you and what have you done with the real Madame Lee?’, we decided to do a bit of double checking.

Sure enough, there are flashes of the old patron saint of hopeless causes, but not quite to the same intensity. She’s still also having the same old issues with her parents, so any improvements on that front don’t appear to be a cause of her new leaf…

… apart from the New Leaf sports bar down on the border of the hipster’s favourite Brockton Village with Toronto’s ‘Little Portugal’ area – which to put it mildly is a bit of a dump and has got ‘impending gentrification incomiiiiiiiiing!‘ written all over it –  where she can be found murdering Frozen‘s ‘Let It Go’, Bare Naked Ladies’ ‘Enid’ or judging by that first picture in this post Rush’s ‘Tom Sawyer’. Just don’t go in wearing a Montreal Canadians or Ottawa Senators top if you want to live – let alone be served!

If it’s Oriental food, always best make it yourself – unless you have access to Marks and Spencers, who to be fair do some excellent Japanese (no, really!).

But anyway, if there is perhaps to be a catalyst to this much better version of Crazy Anne, perhaps the credit is due to the following person:

Step forward and take a bow CathyTea and her Phoenix Puffclaw reading circle for Simming story writers, which appears to have succeeded where no one else could.


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