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Another Friday, Another Sim Secret ‘Secret Maker’ Busted By Your Super Soaraway Mare’s Nest!

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Yeah, we know, that title is somewhat laboured. Let’s be honest, who really cares about anything on the not very Live Journal – well apart from MedleyMisty, who must be one of the few people left on this or any other planet that takes any blog on that platform seriously any more.

After we caught and bowled FraulineFive’s less than passing involvement in it back in 2015, and her vanishing from the scenes after months of denials, they’ve been somewhat limping along (limping even more since the incompetent bumnugget Prah2010’s take over, fixated as they are in machine gunning it in the foot at every chance).

But still, what’s left persists, still running old feuds about harmless souls like MedleyMisty (‘narcissistic fuckstain’ – erm, misplaced hyper-aggression much! Someone needs to swap the caffinated beverages for a nice mug of Horlicks and early nighty-nights, diddums…) and missing any real villains of the moment more times than the titular hero of the cartoon show Inspector Gadget.

Never mind, at least they are providing some unwitting moments of light relief such as the below:

No, not so much the tedious ‘I’m controversial as f**k, me!’ moron the ‘secret’ is referring to…

… some emo bumnugget running a Dimblr called ‘Shit Stain Films’ (ooooo, how edgy!) filled with what seems to be little more than his thinly veiled adolescent sex fantasies masquerading as Simming. Boring!

No, what’s interesting is the person who made the secret:

The photobucket account of iiTopaz traces back to one Oolong from Garden Of Shadows and 00l0ng on Live Journal.

Before any of you try excusing it as a one off, here’s another from last year from the same source:

So some of you in the Sims 2 community can start asking yourselves how many other ‘secrets’ about yourselves came from this source when those running Sim Secret forgot to repost yet another ‘secret’ on Imgur to cover their yellow pressers’ tracks.


More Derp From Prah2010

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Just to complete the comedy of errors at Sim Secret this week…

And before any of you try to say Prah2010 was saying twenty in Roman numerals:

…there were only seventeen this week.