Simblr Burn Book – Oh Dear

So someone in the Dimblr community has decided to make a Dimblr called Simblr Burn Book.

Yes, they’ve really taken an enormous amount of time in creating an inspiring product to follow.

Started on Sunday 26th March this year, the most remarkable part of the whole site is that there’s nothing on it.

It’s got some on Dumblr watching it with baited breath, only for another day to pass by and not a single one of the supposed ‘burns’ being sent to it being posted.

Would anyone have noticed if you did delete it?

Yesterday whoever is behind it came up with the most ridiculous excuse yet for the lack of any content a mere fortnight later:

They are doing most of their blogging by mobile!

Maybe this is all on purpose, and is a clever statement of the pointlessness of the casual infantile bitchery of the Dumblr set, rather than merely being the work of someone who has so little clue what they’re doing they’re overqualified to be a Simguru.

We’ll be generous – and give it about a month!


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