Fresh Allegations (At Least To The Simming Community) That Earthgirl/Earth Mama aka Groovie-Fr Is A NAZI (Yes, For Real)!

Some quite shocking claims coming out from the Anon Rising website (part of the Flight Rising fanbase).

What are they referring to? This.

Or for those wanting a recap from the Flight Rising community’s perspective, here you go:

Well it seems that during the time inbetween being a racist moron over on the Dragon Cave and Flight Rising communities, Earthgirl has been rather busy with – amongst other things – this…


Yes, a Dumblr called Sixmillionlolz – no prizes for guessing which event in history that’s referring to (we always thought that nazi scumbags denied it happened, but perhaps we shouldn’t be expecting common sense from that sphere).

And yes, she added anti-Semitism to her overall arsebucketry, that Dumblr title wasn’t simply for sick joking attention:

And what was it that got her banned finally from Flight Rising? Putting white supremacy symbols on their user page and naming three of her her hatchlings ‘Diversity’, ‘Is’ and ‘WhiteGenocide’. Ho hum.

So you have been warned, if she appears on the EA forum (usually regarding worlds) looking for attention, just remember what a vicious bigoted loser you are dealing with.


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