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Another Day, Another Sim Secret Yellow Presser Doxxed (And It’s One Of Aarin’s Old Granny Munching Mates At That!)

Posted in Uncategorized on April 20, 2017 by themaresnest

Yes, we are having a busy week at The Mare’s Nest, aren’t we!

Observe if you care the following anonymous snark kiddy crap over at Prah2010’s Live Journal site (only managing twelve ‘secrets’ last week – oh dear!) during another tiresome round of the ‘Sims 3 are all ugly pudding faces’ borefest from the ‘too stupid to learn how to use the sliders properly’ element:

One cursory glance at from whence it came…

The photobucket account of one Simsthreepicturess (sic!) it seems.

Would you believe that this only turns up at one other place (we’ll come to the forum in question in a moment)?

It also appears from the moganbetter2 picture that the photobucket account for naturemusicanimals is also owned by the same person for reasons which will become apparent in a moment.

So who is our latest member of the SS caught out?

Well, well, well, if it isn’t RawringGiraffe! Failed Aarinite, failed EA forum troll, so much of a loser she/he/it has been asked for stand for Labour at the forthcoming British general election (topical, eh?)

Last spotted (if anyone cares) back in 2011 only to find all of her (or is it his?) little troll friends had long since vanished. Going for a comeback incognito, are we?

Oh well, we suppose being a whining shit on Dumblr was always going to lose its attraction eventually.


There’s little point in you trying to deny it – why would anyone drag up that picture from seven years – it’s not as if it turns up anywhere else on the internet except for that forum post of 2009, so hardly a case of multiple random users choosing to repost it.

The strange part is that you were the very one who was so quick to sneer at those Sims 2 Simmers who weren’t impressed with the looks of Sims 3 back then – indeed you went to some lengths to say how much better looking it was!

Just to prove this is no one off…

So… what’s changed between then and now? In your own time…


Meanwhile, time to call in an expert witness: