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Aaaaaaand Sim Romanov Is Back Again

Posted in Uncategorized on April 24, 2017 by themaresnest

This is almost becoming an annual event. Or something.

Hang on, have the Pixies got a new album out? Simple check: has Sharkloverplayer also become more active on the EA forum of late?

Hey, an outdated laptop was perfect for your switch to Sims 4!


Meh! The only people who need to come back into the Simming community with new names are those with something to hide, and you certainly did not fall into that category (well, apart from that picture of you wearing that straw boater…).

Yes, MadameLee’s still around – one of us was sorely tempted to go over to Canada and meet this legend in her lunchtime in the flesh at that karaoke bar, but considering what happened all those years ago when one of us tried speaking with her in one of the Comrades’ chatboxes, decided best against and opted to go to London to go and see Harry Potter And The Cursed Child instead.

A Simblr and a Dumblr both refer to Tumblr blogs, Simblrs being ones dedicated to Simming, Dumblrs being your average nothing but reposts of what everyone else is saying (like 99% of all Tumblrs – hence our distain for them) and Dimblrs are Simming Dumblrs.

Not long after came Sim Romanov’s new computing rig.

It’s a fanny magnet.

Which is more than can be said about…

Stop kidding yourself, the graphics do look that bad on the Glitterturd to begin with!

Hmmm, four posts later… think it’s pretty obvious what the answer is to that one!


Welcome back again, you old Crazie, you!