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Chemical Wibs Is Still Sinking Them

Posted in Uncategorized on April 30, 2017 by themaresnest

Over at Chemical Wibs’ Sommelier Sims, it’s business as usual.

Another day another of her Simmies going to the great vineyard in the sky.

Oh gawd, not another bloody dead parrot, is it?

No, apparantly it’s Thomas this time, it appears popping his immortal cork when coming out of the shower – you didn’t buy that shower from old South African Police stock did you?

In better news, the bushes in Monte Vista are starting to bear their fruit and the road traffic department should be out shortly to harvest this season’s first crop of signs.

(It’s probably some NRaas Mod she’s got, just humour her!)


Yeah, but it’s still a designated maritime grave, so you can’t. Wait until the rust bacteria destroys the thing completely by 2025 (so the experts claim) then you can go down and help yourself to all the vintage booze you want, freshly chilled!

In the meantime…

… just keep enjoying that gorgeous view at the lighthouse.