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Pancakesandwich’s Bum Proved To Be A Bumnugget!

Posted in Uncategorized on May 1, 2017 by themaresnest

Hey, we’ll use Americanisms to get the gags when it suits us:

‘But she did look happy around him so I let her kiss him back… which he rejected. plum?’

Hmmm, does that make him a plumbum? Or is she just easily lead?


For old lags like unpatched World Adventures JoAnne85 and Igazor, this was no real surprise:

Well if he’s a homeless Simmie, one thing’s for sure as well Igazor is that he’s going to be filthy in bed!


Speaking of filthy, CravenLestat took time away from filming his latest machinima bonkbuster to remind everyone of the time that making the earth move on cam sometimes isn’t always to your Simmies’ advantages…

But look on the bright side, CravenLestat, we now have another Simmer leaving the Pastel Side (even worse than the Dark Side) to embrace the delights of Sims 3.