One Of Zeri’s Swap Simmies Is Feeling The Burn

Zeri’s back on the Simming front (which hopefully means matters have worked out since the horrific new we mentioned in our last post about her), but clearly has no aspirations to start in her own American family sitcom complete with plinky-plonky piano themetune.

Here’s the lucky family which Zeri and Zeri Mini Me made:

He wants to be a firefighter? With that chest thatch? He’s a walking fire hazard in himself, especially as he’s a member of the Haiden Fashion School of Perpetual Wardrobe Malfunctions. Someone get that man some razors, or borrow the neighbour’s lawnmower.

Wouldn’t it have been more of a stereotype if she’d been knocked up on her first day on the job? Or are we watching too much Films on Channel 4?

As for Amil…

… told you that chest hair was a fire hazard!


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