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Meanwhile Over In CloudCuckooland, The Drama Queens Take Matters To A Whole New Level Of Fail

Posted in Uncategorized on May 4, 2017 by themaresnest

Just when you thought what was left of Sim Secret couldn’t get any more desperate for attention, any attention at all:


Dear silly child pretending to be a middle aged mom, if that website was under the investigation of the police, they would not exactly thank you for warning those they were monitoring.

In fact, that would lay you open to a charge of interfering with an ongoing police investigation. Just thought we ought to let you know how policing in the real world works.

No, the truth is you are some tenth rate drama queen on a dying Live Journal board thinking that playing an emotive police, race and triple suicide triple hand is somehow going to bring your moribund bitch board back to its glory days when Dumblr has rendered it superfluous and all the ‘I HATE YOUS’, ‘I HATE YOUS MORE!’ get more ‘fun’ doing it across the Bumnuggetsphere in real time. We’re not even shocked anymore, as it’s long been shown there’s no depths to which your lot will stoop.

Now go and report that, as Bigwig would say…